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Thanks so much for this! It’s crazy similar to Word, so for first time users, there’s no problem. Even with no comparison, it’s great. All by its handsome self. Super intuitive, simple, and great for people like me that are too cheap, and way too tight on their college budget to actually buy any writing app. Now I shall fulfill my dream of being a maybe-writer… Wannabe writers from all over the world, join me on Word Master! *you can clap now* Anywaaaaay, download this, it’s worth it, and if not, just delete it; IT’S FREE! FREE! EVERYBODY STAND UP FOR FREE STUFF!


small, compact but can do 99% of everything most people want/need to do with a word processor. and it does is well. I ts a plasure to use it

Great app!

I would say it’s probably the best word similar app out there for the price. It does what it does very well!

Thank YOU 1Doc!

This simplified version of MS Word is a joy to use. It reminds me of the older MS Word 5.1a for the Macintosh. 1Doc is fast to startup and its simplified menu choice makes it easy to start writing immediately. I wish the rest of the world used this as their default word processing program.

Really like this programm

Its the quickest client of .doc files!


the only problem is hat for some reason, I can not print any of my documents

You will never use it, after you downloaded it.

As the title said. you will never use it after you download it. It just looks great, but the fact is that it useless for documents. I really can’t accept it. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Disappointed, Crashes.

I found that with many of my documents when I edited them, the app crashed. This happens frequently even after reinstalling the app on various documents.It does not work. very disappointed!

Love It!

I have Pages on my Mac, which I love, but if I’m writing something that I want to share with Mac, and Windows users, this will be the choice I’ll use. I was coordinating a reunion a ways back, attaching documents from my Pages program. Several I sent to couldn’t open those attachments. This should be compatible for any operating system. I did upgrade to Pro. For less than $10, having the capability for printing, and other options, it seemed well worthwhile.

Crashed, crashed, crashed.

I want to download this app. I make my system be 10.11. because it need system of 10.11. If your Mac is not like this. You can’t download it. But after I change my syatem. This app doesn’t work at all. I am so angry now.

Didn’t get it any more

I have to say that I hate to use this app. And Its interface is poor. Because the interface is not obvious distinction, I could not find any buttons. It cant be used very smoothly.

Has no print function

This program would otherwise be a very useful multi-format word processor. The inability to print is simply idiotic.

Free version has no printing

The free version of this has NO printing capability. I could deal with no templates or extra bells and whistles with the free version, but paying $15 dollars just to print a basic page makes this app absolute garbage.

Works Great!

I am a program manager and use a MacBook out of the office and everyone at the office uses windows based. The document creator wasn’t able to make documents that could be read by my coworkers but this word app works wonderfully. Close to using actual Microsoft Word.


I am using Macbook tried to download app to write my resume ,i download two apps but none of them working ,i come by this app so tried it work very good

Cannot display format correctly

Yes it does open doc files, yet all the format are missing. There is only raw text remaining, like open it with TextEdit. What’s worse is that even images in docs are gone. You can never rely on this app for editing or even normally reading a word file. So what’s the point to download this app?

Hangs when saving to DOC with pictures

I had high hopes for this app, but have trouble in saving documents that have images imbedded in this.



Love it

I switched from an HP to a Mac about a year ago. I prefer the HP, mainly because of Word. I downloaded Word on the Mac and now it’s a bit better. (I still prefer the HP, but I’ll get used to this.)

Great App!!!!

This app is just plain amazing and so far no troubles. I am currently writing a story called “Deanna and the Crown of Lekmet” and this is helping me so much.

Over charged on Pro-Version

Downloaded and upgrade to Pro and it charged me $43.53 instead of $14.99 - I want my money back!

A bagel girl thumbs up! :)

I really like this app! Thank you!


This is a good way for me to have docs on my Mac, since I don’t have ready access to MS Word. I like it so far.

LOVE THIS APP just wish i had all the features for free

this app is so convenient and so much like word proccessor without the price. I just wish i had access to all the features without having to pay.

Word processor

The app is okay but I was not able to figure out how to format page to landscape. :(

Simple and easy to use.

If your just looking for a word processor to type and make papers with then, this is the app for you. Nothing fancy; just simple and easy to use.

Works Fine Love It

I have had no problem what so ever with this app. My other wp program died and I didn’t know why so I tried this and it works great. My other program was an off brand and used .obt instead of a more well known file designation and this program opened all my files without problem. It’s great and works well


Just what I was Looking for and I expect to enjoy it! Pretty easy to use ,nice format dont really understand the slam against the app??

Love it!

I love this app! I downloaded it on my Mac after having some issues sending professors my assignments and then having them come back to me and telling me they couldn’t open the documents. I’m much more comfortable with Word (which this sort of resembles) but I can’t stand Windows computers. This app has really helped me bridge the gap of computer errors and misunderstandings between my professors and me!

User Friendly!

I had no troble using this app and transferring my work into it! I love it and will never go back to confusing and expensive Ulysses!!! I had to buy a book just to semi understand how to use that app. This app was ready to go from the minute I opened it! It saved me in a real pinch!


Well it’s not that bad espically if you have a MAcbook Air

Works Great!

I get a werid feeling the negative 1 star reviews are fake. This app works as intended. Keep up the good work!


Does the job for me. Thank you.

I just want say OMG.

Maybe I think the designer should give me a reply. The designer should tell me why you don't come true in the app store, which you said, and tell me why you lied to us, it doen't work at all, and tell me why your app is ranting up, but I think it must be false. And I suspect a lot of things, much to I can not say it all. But if you want ask my feeling, oh, that's simple, It's so so so bad. Only the worst, nothing else.

This is absolutely terrible.

I have to say that this one is not working as it said. It can't be used very smoothly. This app is always crashed. It always flashes back, and I tried to change it, but there is no any effect. I just get it to do my works. But it doesn't do any jobs at all. Many keys from the menu don't work, I'm wondering why apple is allowing this trash app to be a part of the app store. I just say one word to it. NO!!! I will never use it.

Good App

We love your app thanks for made it.

1 Doc

If you are used to using Word, this app does a great job for the money! It is simple and does not glitch out.

Review of the this app

This app. is great for me it is just what I need for doing my work - thank you

I can't use it.

What? This one can be used as a word app? I doubt it, as an user, I must tell the truth for you. After I download this app, I have never get any benefit from it. More of a situation is a waste of time for finding ways to solve the mistakes by this app. Like restoring the file, solving the garbled. This is really a very boring thing. In order to use the APP, even destroyed my original file. And many are not preserved in my Mac. I need developers to give me an explanation, In the use of the process, there will always be a lot of problems. I think this APP simply can not meet the conditions as Microsoft Word. I should have read more of the negative comments before I download this. Regret now!


Great app, easy to use.

Word Doc 1

Works well for what I have to do. No issues and not pricey.

Just downloaded the app. So far it is great!!!

Haven’t had that much time to play with it, but so far, all I did with it worked great. Even works great with Hebrew, much better than microsoft word that acts funny with Hebrew. Also can open attachments in .docx with no problems…

A Great Alternative to MS Word

I have MS Word on my iMac. It takes forever to open and crashes often. I downloaded iDoc and find it even better than Word. It opens quickly and does not crash. You must buy the app if you want to print, but the price is worth it. Very happy user.

great app

this is just what i was looking for. simple, easy to figure out, and right for basic uses…..thumbsup on this one……...

Great for college!!

Most of my professors do not accept Pages so I use this app to submit my work. No problems so far!!

1Doc 1.0.8

Wonderful little app. Incredibly user friendly and customizable.

Word1Doc Free is WORKING for ME!

Very happy with my free download of Word 1Doc for my new MacBookAir which had nothing on it but TEXTEDIT, driving me nuts. This was fast and free and is just what I wanted to simplify my writing projects, since I’m a full time student taking Journalism and Film and Media and the writing is astounding. Thanks, guys!


So I DL the thing and after ten minutes finally get it up and running only to learn that it won’t print unless you get the pro version. What good would it be if I could not print. I don’t appreciate having my time wasted and won’t try the Pro version simply because I don’t like the way it has been presented to me.

Having trouble with saving

I've run into an issue with saving documents on my mac. I've edited documents in word two separate times, and when i tap the save button somehow my edits don't get saved. I end up with the original unedited document in my files, so I have to redo all my edits when I access the file on my computer. This also seems to happen when creating new documents as well. I had a couple of pages worth in a document only for word to save it as a blank document, so i lost everything. I'm extremely frustrating, this program is really not what I expected. And I created a brand new test document today and that one can't be edited. I'm so depressed and at this point, i will never rely on an app again for something so important. Mad isn't even the word. Beware of doing anything important on this app.

1Doc, It's not Word.

Don't waste your time! The pictures and description lead you believe you can make these beautiful documents right on your Mac. This is not ture! I was under the impression on you could create the documents on here, but I can't save it. I have tried for several times, but it saved. And even more, it crashed in the middle of using it often. Couldn't ven save recovered versions. Kept crashing mid-save. And it is not compatible with my wireless printer, so I can't even print what little I could type. In your description, you said that your printing is upgrade to Pro. I can't accept this. If you can't do it, you shouldn't say like that. None of the details that appear to be promised are available. Can't even put hyperlinks in my basic documents. A explain, please.

Really wasted my time.

I need to know if there is anything I can do. I have been writing my office work on this app. And I Mac on this evening and it was all gone it says it is still there but the document is blank. please tell me it can be recovered??? It's not first time like this. I have met a few times. What's more. This app doesn't let you open and edit files in dropbox which is the only reason I downloaded it. And there is no option to edit documents off-line! Now I want to delete it. It really wastes a lot of my time on it. I need to find ways to let my files back now. I'm so annoyed that I write this review. Why you guys design this app, but doesn't work as you said. So sad.

It’s Good for Me!

I havn’t had any trouble with this application and really enjoy working documents on this rather than something else. Thank you!

Love It!

I have Pages on my Mac, which I love, but if I’m writing something that I want to share with Mac, and Windows users, this will be the choice I’ll use. I was coordinating a reunion a ways back, attaching documents from my Pages program. Several I sent to couldn’t open those attachments. This should be compatible for any operating system. I did upgrade to Pro. For less than $10, having the capability for printing, and other options, it seemed well worthwhile.

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